Graphite Crucible and Graphite Boat

1.High purity graphite crucibles and graphite boats.
2.High temperature resistance, anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion.
3. Good heat and electric conduction.
4. Custom Manufactured as per customers'drawings.
5. Cost-effective solutions available
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Introduction to Graphite Crucibles and Graphite Boats
Graphite crucibles and graphite boats are used in very wide ranges. On previous pages it introduces the applications in industries of aluminum vacuum evaporation, rare earth, precious metal, industrial furnaces, mono-crystalline and polycrystalline silicon, glass and fiberglass, measuring and analysis. In case you need graphite crucibles in one of the above industries, please refer to the corresponding pages on this website.
Besides, there are many other application industries of graphite crucibles and graphite boats, such as but not limited to cell industries etc.

Advantages of Graphite Crucibles and Graphite Boats

● Cost Effective Solutions for Graphite Material Selection
Theoretically all grades of artificial graphite material can be machined into graphite crucibles and graphite boats, but Zibo Yinxuan is experienced in providing solutions with best cost efficiency based on customers' specific application requirements.

● Precise Machining
Dimensions and preciseness of graphite crucibles and graphite boats are different for various working conditions and different users' application requirements, Zibo Yinxuan can fulfill customers' strict machining requirements.


Graphite Crucible


Graphite Crucibles


Graphite Sintering Boats


Graphite Piston Sleeves


Graphite Piston Sleeves


High Purity Graphite Boats


High Purity Graphite Boats


High Purity Graphite Boats


Graphite Crucibles

If you're going to buy the quality and durable graphite crucible and graphite boat made in China, welcome to consult the quotation and the price list with us. We are one of the professional manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our factory will offer you the customized carbon products with high purity at low price.


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