Graphite Crucibles for Aluminum Vacuum Evaporation Coating

1.Specially applied for Aluminum Vaccuum Evaporation Coating.
2. High hardness, anti-corrosion of evaporated aluminum.
3. long service life with competitive price.
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Introduction to Graphite Crucible for Evaporation

Aluminum coated films are widely used as packing and decoration material. Vacuum aluminum evaporation coating, applied in the film production, is a process to form a composite film on the substrate by evaporating aluminum under vacuum condition. Direct evaporation is usually applied in production of Plastic film such as BOPET, BONY, BOPP, PE and PVC, while transferring process for aluminum coating on paper, leather.
Graphite crucible is wearing part and its quality directly affects coated film quality and production cost. Vacuum aluminum coating is with strict requirement to graphite material, and Zibo Yinxuan could supply qualified graphite crucibles continuously.

Advantages of Yinxuan Graphite Crucible for Evaporation

● Raw material Selection
  ■ Specific to vacuum aluminum evaporation coating process, Zibo Yinxuan develops special graphite material with high bulk density, low open porosity, to largely reduce corrosion of liquid aluminum and gaseous aluminum particles.
  ■ Graphite material is specially anti-oxidation treated, with excellent performances of anti-oxidation, low consumption and long service life.
  ■ High purity and low ash graphite material brings no harmful volatile matter, hence it can avoid spots, voids and pinholes on surface of coated film and ensure coated film quality.

● Precise Machining
Polished graphite crucibles are with precise dimensions and mirror surface.

● Long Service life
Our graphite crucibles could be continuously used for 24~52 hours or 22~48 cycles based on different aluminum coating process and different quality requirements.


Application of Graphite Evaporation Crucible


Graphite Crucible for Aluminum Vaccum Evaporation


Graphite Crucibles for Evaporation


Graphite Crucibles for Vaccuum Evaporation


Graphite Pot for Aluminum Coating


Package of Graphite crucibles for evaporation


Safe Package of Graphite crucibles for evaporation


Surface Polished Graphite Crucibles for Evaporation


Vaccum Package of Graphite crucibles for evaporation

If you're going to buy the quality and durable graphite crucibles for aluminum vaccuum evaporation coating made in China, welcome to consult the quotation and the price list with us. We are one of the professional manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our factory will offer you the customized carbon products with high purity at low price.


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