Graphite Degassing Pipe

1. Impregnation and coating anti-oxidation treatment.
2. We are capable of machining thin and long graphite pipes with high precision. The max length of 6 meter.
3. Complete cost-effective solutions for aluminum degassing.
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Introduction to Graphite Degassing Pipe

Graphite degassing pipe is a component of some aluminum or aluminum alloys smelting furnace. The pipe is tilted into furnace by side sliding plate and lifting instrument, thus gas will be injected into furnace through the graphite degassing pipe.
Generally graphite degassing pipe is long. The usually required length is 3 meter. It is sometimes connected by two parts when longer pipe is needed. There are also some degassing pipes matched by graphite pipe and metal pipe. Only the part inserted into furnace is in graphite material, while the rest part is in metal material. The graphite and metal pipes are connected by thread, in order to largely reduce utilization cost of degassing pipe.
Graphite degassing pipe should be suitably treated to improve its bending strength, performances of anti-oxidation and anti-abrasion according to specific working conditions.

Advantages of Graphite Degassing Pipe

●Specialty Graphite Material
Zibo Yinxuan develops specialty graphite material specially applied for aluminum smelting, with combined consideration of its cost efficiency for maximally meeting graphite degassing pipe utilization requirements.
●Precise Machining
Zibo Yinxuan is capable of ensuring degassing tubes concentricity, straightness and precision in dimensions with self specially designed tooling, equipment and rich experiences, even for those super thin and long pipes with great machining difficulties.
●Special Treatment
Zibo Yinxuan graphite degassing pipes are all anti-oxidation and anti-abrasion treated with much more extended service life.


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Graphite Degassing Pipe

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