Graphite Buffle Plate

1.Applied in molten aluminum degassing.
2. Machined from high purity anti-oxidation graphite material.
3. Custom machining according to drawings.
4. Complete cost-effective solutions for aluminum degassing.
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Introduction to Graphite Baffle Plate

Graphite baffle plate next to graphite rotor and shaft is also used for aluminum degassing. It baffles and interferes molten aluminum rotating direction and speed for turbulence of the move, which fully diffuses and uniformly distribute inert gas.
Graphite Baffle plate, which also called graphite buffle plate, is consumed more slowly than graphite degassing rotors and shafts. In order to improve graphite baffle plate's cost efficiency, generally it is with less strict requirement for material choice than graphite rotor and shaft, and also not necessary to do anti-oxidation treatment.

Advantages of Graphite Baffle Plate

● Strictly Selected Graphite Material
With consideration of both performance and cost factors to get optimal cost efficiency, same or similar grade of graphite material for graphite degassing rotor and shaft is applied to machine graphite baffle plates
● Precise Machining
Strictly machined according to drawing, for convenience of graphite baffle plates installing and dismantling.
● Solutions Provider
Zibo Yinxuan Carbon is capable of proposing designing solutions to customers according to specific working conditions.


Graphite Baffle Plate and  Rotor Set for Aluminum  Degassing


Graphite Baffle Plate for Aluminum Degassing


Graphite Baffle Plate


Graphite Buffle Plate


Graphite Buffle plate


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Purifying Molten Aluminum Graphite Baffle Plate


Graphite Buffle Plate

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