High Hardness Graphite Block Used For EDM

High Hardness Graphite Block Used For EDM

a. 10 um and 7 um grain size isostatic EDM graphite blocks ensures precise machining and super good surface of moulds. b. Isostatic graphite with uniform propoerties, such as high purity,high hardness, low consumption. c. Stable quality EDM graphite material
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High Hardness Graphite Block Used for EDM

Size and shapes:Square and round blocks are available. We can further do saw-cutting, milling surface, cutting into small pieces according to customers’ requirements.

Applications:EDM graphite is mainly applied to be machined into EDM graphite electrodes which are applied in roughing and finishing machining. EDM is a process that high temperature is produced by direct electric discharge between work piece and electrode, and duplicate electrode on work piece under high temperature according to shapes and accuracy of electrodes. Such as making plastic injection mold, metal mold, shoes mold and so on.

Material: EDM graphite material are mainly applied to machine EDM graphite electrodes. If the technical specifications you required are not among the following list, please let us know, because the following is only part of our EDM graphite material due to limit of page space.

If you are not sure of the appropriate grade, we can offer suggestions for choosing appropriate and cost-effective grade according to customers' specific application (working condition) based on rich experiences in graphite applications.

Typical Technical Specifications:


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