High Purity Graphite Granules as Raw Material of Cathode Blocks Production

1.Grain size: Crushed and sieved according to customers' requirements
2.Raw material: New and clean graphite lumps
3.Advantages: Totally avoid impurities to ensure absolute cleanness and technical specifications requirements for graphite granules as raw material of cathode blocks and carbon electrodes.
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Graphite Granules and Powder as Raw Material of Cathode Blocks


When graphite granules and powder is applied as raw material of production cathode blocks and  carbon electrodes, there are high requirements for graphite granules cleaness and purity. It is critically important to fully avoid impurities mixed, like iron, concret, stones, woods, woven bags lines etc. Because any of these  impurities will cause pores and defects of cathode blocks or carbon electrodes.

In the  meanwhile, strict quality control of chemical and  physical specifications is equally important to ensure continuous and high quality requirements.

Zibo Yinxuan has been in crushing and screening graphite granules and powders since 2008. Due to strong sense of responsibility in quality control including technical specifications and cleanness, Zibo Yinxuan has developed to continuous suppliers of several famous and greatest international manufacturers of cathode blocks.

Technical Specifications


Powder Specific Resistivity

Real Density

Fixed Carbon



Volatile Matter











≤ 110

≥ 2.18

≥ 98.5

≤ 0.05

≤ 0.3

≤ 0.5

≤ 0.3

Raw Material

Graphite granules and powders are crushed from new and clean graphite electrode lumps.

Graphite Granules Raw Material

Package & Delivery

Graphite granules and powders are usually packed in ton bags, with 1 ton each bag and around 20 tons each 20 GP container. For delivery convenience, usually two ton bags are piled on one plywood pallets.

Or we could pack according to customers' specific requirements.



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