Zibo Yinxuan Carbon Technology Co.,Ltd. (hereinafter as Zibo Yinxuan) is engaged in development, production, machining, application research and service of graphite products. Well-run systems for research and development, production, quality guarantee and service enable Zibo Yinxuan to provide the best solutions according to different customers' demands.

To meet requirements of increasing customers and continuously improving market demand, Zibo Yinxuan invested and established a wholly-owned subsidiary company:

------ International Graphite Solutions Co.,Ltd., which is the overseas business service and commercial operation center for Zibo Yinxuan.

Reliable Supplier With Integrity
● Zibo Yinxuan works for Customer's satisfaction and cost effective solutions for customers. Customers' trust stands the highest honor in our staff's mind.
● Experienced and specialized technical team is capable of proposing reasonable and professional suggestion for customers' choice of the most suitable materials and products, in order to avoid products function waste or insufficient, and finally reduce customers' purchasing cost.
● Well-trained production team could punctually and precisely finish production and packing exactly according to customers' requirement.
● All production conforms to ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System. It proceeds as raw material analysis, process supervising, final product inspection, perfect package assurance and close delivery tracking. Batch management and process quality control is strictly carried out throughout the production.
● Experienced business operation team ensures on-time delivery, to fulfill customers' plans.
● After-service team is highly efficient and greatly professional in solving any problem happening during application of our products.

Proprietary Technology
● Anti-oxidation Treatment Technology.
anti-oxidation technology retards consumption and extends service life of graphite products.
● Impermeability Technology
Impermeability treatment of graphite products reduces porosity, increases strength and hardness, improves application effect and lengthens lifespan.
● Lubricity Treatment. Wax impregnation to graphite products to realize solid lubrication or self lubrication, improve lubricity and lengthen graphite products service life.
● Strengthening Treatment
Strength, hardness, anti-abrasion and surface finishing properties could be strengthened according to customers' specific requirement, in order to improve application effect and increase lifespan.

Working Team
● Zibo Yinxuan has experienced management team to directly supervise the graphite products production, machining, special process treatment, application, business operation and after-sales service, in order to guarantee best service for our customers.
● Our staff have good understanding and rich experience in graphite material property, production, design, machining and application. Philosophy is deep in Zibo Yinxuan people of being loyal to customer and serving customer.

Our stable, loyal and increasing customers are from China, US, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Turkey, Bulgaria, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, South Korea, India, Vietnam, South Africa etc. Turnover keeps increasing annually.
Zibo Yinxuan has been approved by customers with good reputation in carbon industry. With development of the company, value-added products and service will be offered for global customers.

Zibo Yinxuan is ready for cooperation with global customer for mutual benefit and win-win goal.