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Zibo Yinxuan Carbon Technology Co.,Ltd

// TO EXPLORE What We Do? Zibo Zibo Yinxuan Technology Co.,Ltd. Zibo Zibo Yinxuan Technology Co.,Ltd (hereinafter as Zibo Yinxuan) is engaged in R&D, production, machining, application and service of graphite products including graphite material, anti-oxidation graphite electrodes, graphite granule and powder and custom graphite machined parts such as graphite shaft and rotor, graphite mould, graphite crucible, graphite anodes, high temperature furnaces graphite components etc. Well-run...


    • Graphite Mould for Sintering

      Graphite Mould for Sintering

      1.Extensive experiences in graphite sintering moulds production.
      2.Specially made high purity dense graphite materials with high hardness and good strength, ensuring long service life.
      3.Precise machining with tolerance +/-0.01mm.

    • EDM Graphite Electrodes

      EDM Graphite Electrodes

      1. Super fine grain size graphite material.
      2. High discharging speed, no shapes deformation.
      3. We are capable to precisely machine complicated shapes EDM molds.

    • High Purity Graphite Mould for Precious Metal Shaping

      High Purity Graphite Mould for Precious Metal Shaping

      1. Customized graphite moulds specially for precious metal casting.
      2. High purity graphite material avoids pollutions to treated precious metals.
      3. CNC turning center machining ensures precise dimensions.

    • Graphite Anodes for Electrolysis and Electroplating

      Graphite Anodes for Electrolysis and Electroplating

      1. Custom made high purity graphite anodes as per drawings.
      2. High density, without slags falling off.
      3. Cost-effective graphite material solutions based on specific applying situation.